Reviewing Project Goals and Milestones

The content of this article falls under the "progress domain" in Project Sprint.

The process is a Project Sprint-specific mechanism that revolves around regular meetings and agenda discussions. Through this mechanism, we can share the progress of the project, continuously improve the project process, review milestones toward the project goal, and check each other's roles.

In this article, we will discuss project goals and milestone reviews.

Milestone Review

As mentioned in Designing Project Goals and Milestones, milestones and project goals can be changed. Milestones and goals can be changed at any time during the project, based on changes in the environment surrounding the project and what you learn from actually completing the tasks.

Milestones should be reviewed at the following times

  1. When a milestone has been achieved

  2. When it becomes apparent that a milestone will not be achieved on time (either later or earlier than planned)

  3. When it becomes apparent that a milestone is not appropriate for the project goal.

  4. The project goal has changed and the milestone needs to be changed.

  5. When a team member feels that the milestone should be reviewed for some other reason.

Project Goal Review

You should also review the goals of the project at the following times

  1. When the project has progressed to the point where it is clear that the project goal itself needs to be revised.

  2. When milestones are not achieved on time and it becomes clear that the project goal should be revised.

  3. For some other reason, a team member thinks that the project goal should be reviewed.

The implementation of milestone and project goal reviews is also on the meeting agenda, so you will need to submit an agenda in advance.

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