Tips2: Using a Milestone Map

As described in the section on the Setting goals and milestones for a project, a milestone is "a description of a set of specific deliverables and the deadlines associated with them. This milestone map should be shared and agreed upon by all team members, and should be available for constant reference throughout the project.

We recommend using a "milestone map" as a tool to help you with this task.

A milestone map is a sheet that provides an overview of the milestones in a project. By including information other than due dates and deliverables, and by describing multiple milestones in a cross-sectional manner, it allows for a deeper understanding of the relationships between milestones and the context in which they were set.

A milestone map should include the following elements

  • Phase name: semantic positioning between milestones

  • Start date of due date: usually the day after the previous milestone's end date)

  • End date of due date (*): the date when the milestone is due to be completed

  • Deliverables(*): Deliverables required upon completion of the milestone

  • Desired state: Describes what you want the project to look like internally when the milestone is completed, or what you want the project to look like externally when you receive the project deliverables.

  • Note: Feel free to include additional information.

*These elements are expressed in a way that gives a bird's eye view of the entire milestone.

Example of a table format

MilestoneTo CreateTo AchieveTo Complete

Start date

End Date

Phase Name


What it should be




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