This set of documents provides a step-by-step explanation of the basic concepts and practices of Project Sprint.

There are four chapters throughout, and by reading them in order from the top, you will be able to use Project Sprint in your actual projects.

It can be used as a first step for learning if you haven't done Project Sprint yet, and it can also be read by those who have already done Project Sprint as a foundation for implementation.

Table of Contents


This is an overview of Project Sprint that you should read first.

Let's Get Ready

This section describes what you need to do to prepare for starting Project Sprint. The first step is to start Project Sprint based on the structure you have decided here.

Let's do it!

Let's try to describe how to actually manage the project through Project Sprint. Let's put the system we created in "Let's Prepare" into action.

Let's improve it

Project Sprint is a method that also has a mechanism to improve the project management. Let's continue to improve the project based on what we have done in "Let's try".

For those who want to learn more

This section describes the user community for learning Project Sprint and contributing to method creation yourself.



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