Tips4: Preparing Project Environments

This article describes the project environment that helps in the implementation of Project Sprint.

What we talk about here is not much different from the elements that are generally talked about in project management. However, in Project Sprint, the main focus of all those elements should be on how to ensure information transparency.

In Project Sprint, it is necessary to create "consensus with team members' understanding" at various times, including setting project goals and milestones, and setting and adjusting roles. For this reason, it is important to consider what kind of project environment should be prepared in order to create conviction = to eliminate information gaps among team members.

The elements described here are just one example. For each project, it is also important to discuss among team members to create the most optimal project environment.

  • File Management: Provide a file management environment where all project members have access to the same information.

  • Schedule Management: Try to share personal calendars among project members for as long as necessary to coordinate schedules. This means that team members' schedule statuses are in one place and meetings can be scheduled and rescheduled efficiently, rather than having to coordinate each time via email.

  • Task Management: Have a centralized place to manage the tasks that arise throughout the project. By having a place to manage tasks that are shared by the project team, rather than by individuals, it is easier to communicate with each other to see what needs to be done / was intended to be done.

Please refer to the other tips for milestone management (progress), role management (teaming), and meeting management (process), which are necessary environments in the three domains of Project Sprint.



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