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What is CODE?

CODE is a generic term for a set of documents describing Project Sprint.

Tutorial provides step-by-step explanations of the basic concept of Project Sprint and how to put them into practice, also you can implement Project Sprint into actual projects while reading Tutorial.

Essentials provides the big picture of Project Sprint also the core key concepts of Project Sprint.

Tips provide detailed and in-depth explanations related to Project Sprint, which will help you gain concrete know-how and better application of Project Sprint practices.

Advance gives you the latest discussion and experimental concepts. Besides, you can get the latest information on method updates.

Reference describes the methods, concepts, and literature behind Project Sprint. You can understand the efficient usage of Project Sprint and know the information that may be relevant for future updates of methods. Furthermore, knowing the background will help you apply the method.

Document comparison table

Document TitleTutorialEssentialsTipsAdvanceReference


Explanation of basic concepts and how to put them into practice

Key concepts and framework

Detailed and in-depth explanations

Latest discussions and experimental concepts

Background methods, concepts, and literature


To understand the basics and the introduction procedure

To understand the whole process

To understand specific know-how and application methods

To understand the latest information on method updates

To understanding of efficient Project Sprint, information that may be related to method updates, and knowledge for application

Learning pass

The way you use the document depends on the situation you are in. Here are some recommended steps for each of the main target audiences.

Case1. Those who lead the implementation of Project Sprint on their own.

  1. Read through Tutorial to gain a basic understanding

  2. Read Essentials to get the big picture and the important point

  3. Read Tips to be prepared for different situations

  4. If you are not sure about something, read Reference for a better understanding

Case2. Project members who have decided to implement Project Sprint

  1. Read through Tutorial to gain a basic understanding

  2. Pick up the Tips that interest you and read them to clear up any unclear points.

Case3. If you want to get a quick overview of what Project Sprint is.

Case4. People who want to contribute to the development of the Project Sprint method.

  1. Read Tutorial to gain a basic understanding

  2. Read Essentials to get the big picture and important points

  3. Read Tips to understand more detailed and in-depth explanations

  4. Read Advance to keep with the latest discussion

  5. Read Reference for a deeper understanding of the background ideas



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