This document describes the various methods, concepts, and literature behind Project Sprint.

Project Sprint is an independent method based on empirical evidence from various projects, with reference to the following theories, methods, literature, and concepts.

Manifesto for Agile Software Development

I share the values of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and its 12 principles.

Scrum & Scrum@Scale

The concept of sprints as short, iterative practices that deliver results, the notion of transparency and self-organization, the focus on meetings for alignment and decision making, and the retrospective process are all references. The name Project Sprint is inspired by the Scrum sprint.

Teal Organization

I am sympathetic to the concepts of self-management and evolving purpose.


The roles and tensions and their relationships, which are core elements in the teaming activity, are based on the concept of holacracy.

Psychological Safety

This concept was proposed by Amy Edmondson. I share the importance of creating an environment where people believe it is safe to say whatever they want in a team. It was brought to attention by Google's research project on highly productive teams.

Google re:Work

Sense-Making Theory

This is a theory developed by Carl Weik and others. I agree with the idea of focusing on team buy-in rather than accuracy.



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